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Rabbits Market and Breeding

Advisor:  Kristi Chambliss


  • Acquiring Animals
    • You may purchase rabbits from reputable breeders for breeding or meat pen.  Recommended meat pens are Californian breed.  I can help you find reputable breeders if you would like.  Rabbits Cost approximately  $45/rabbit.
  • Animal Housing
    • Reed-Stewart Ag Science Center (BBCTA) or home
  • Advisor Barn Hours
    • Hours are subject to change as unforeseen events may occur.  As always if you need extra time or assistance please make an appointment.  (I am flexible and I can meet with you during times not listed if necessary.)
      • Mondays- 3:00-6:30PM

        Tuesdays- 3:00-5:30PM

        Wednesdays- until 3:30PM

        Thursdays- By appointment

        Fridays- by appointment

        Saturdays and Sundays- by appointment

  • Show Schedule
    • Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo- Breeding Rabbits (January)on your own
    • Tarrant County Junior Livestock Show- Breeding & Market Rabbits( March 3rd)
    • We will have showmanship practice for .5-1 hour each week.  It will be mandatory for all team members to attend.  This is an essential team and skill building event.  It is also a great opportunity to learn and bond with your animals.  The schedule will be set in August.  Please notify me of any schedule conflicts you have and I will do my best to accommodate them. 
    • Practices will begin October 5 from 4:45-5:30pm
  • Barn Clean Ups
    • Each month, we will have a barn clean-up day.  It will be mandatory for each student housing an animal at the barn.  Regular maintenance is essential to keep a nice, working facility.  Student will be placed on a daily rotating schedule of small barn chores (sweeping, rolling hoses, checking gates, etc) to keep the barns looking nice as well. 
  • Parent Involvement
    • Parental involvement is always encouraged and is vital to a healthy program.  Feel free to come out and watch or assist during practices.  We want you to get involved.  


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Market Rabbit Info Kristi Chambliss 10/9/2015 17 KB
Rabbit Orders from the Heatons Kristi Chambliss 10/9/2015 16 KB



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