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The AET Recordbook

Part of AET's mission is to help transform recordkeeping into a student-driven activity that takes place throughout the year.  A quality recordkeeping system should help students and teachers realize the power of data analysis to provide continuous feedback for program improvement.  

But, the AET does much more than maintain SAE records.  Students can also collaborate to plan Chapter activities, and they can use the AET Porfolio to keep pictures and files.  Our goal was to create an online system that is actually "fun" for students to use while at home or in the school computer lab.

The Student AET is organized into several sections:

  • Profile - Students maintain their general information, class enrollment, offices, committees, resume, and personal goals.
  • Journal - The journal tracks time and experience relating to courses, CDEs, LDEs, SAEs, and other activities.
  • Finances - The finances section is organized around "Experiences" that include Entrepreneurship, Placement, Research, and Exploratory.  Students track income and expense relating to each Experience, and they maintain capital items.  The AET is a "real accounting system" that follows general accepted accounting principles, and it helps students avoid common accounting mistakes relating to non-cash transactions, depreciation, and inventories.
  • Reports - When students keep good records, the AET will help them analyze their data and make more informed business decisions.  The reports section includes a wealth of tools for analyzing and reporting their performance.  The AET also includes the "Degree/Application Manager" where students can automatically generate FFA applications that are ready to submit.
  • Toolbox - The toolbox is the place for a variety of other Ag-related programs.  Students can collaboratively build the Chapter's Program of Activities, they can upload their ag-related pictures and files into the Portfolio, and they can compare their performance to their classmates on the Scoreboard.

For more information about features in the Student AET, take a look at the "Educational Materials" section or email us at, or watch one of the many tutorial videos to help the students or parents navigate the site.  


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