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There shall be 3  pathways to which a  student can participate as a Junior FFA Program at Mansfield ISD.


Pathway 1-


Mansfield Jr FFA membership may begin for students who attend Tarver Rendon School of Agriculture Leadership who are in the 3rd grade and at least 8 years old. This program will be managed by Keven Smith and ShayeAnne Atwood.  Students will maintain continuous membership through each year to maintain eligibility of Junior FFA. 


Students will follow continuous membership rules and follow the pathway of Tarver Rendon to Donna Shepard to Jobe and then to BBIA.  If at any time a student does not maintain membership in good standing, they will no longer be able to participate in Junior FFA.  If the student chooses an alternate school to attend outside the recognized pathway, they will no longer be allowed to participate in the Junior FFA program. 


Pathway 2-


Students in the 3rd grade who are at least 8 years old may participate in Junior FFA if a sibling is a member in good standing of Mansfield FFA .  Additionally, students who had a sibling in the FFA program and participated in the Junior FFA program under their sibling will be allowed to continue participation in the Junior FFA program and may participate in Junior FFA as long as they maintain continuous membership following the graduation of their sibling. 


Pathway 3-


The dependent children of Agricultural Science Teachers employed by Mansfield ISD may participate as Junior FFA members as long as the teacher is employed as a current Agricultural Science Teacher in Mansfield ISD regardless of the child’s school of attendance.   The parent is responsible for the FFA needs of their personal child. 


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